Posted by Cass Edwards on 25 Nov 2010 (updated 25 Nov 2010)

It is with very great pleasure that we can finally announce a major update to the Euchronia bill, and reveal our new poster (click for large version) - which has a fantastic story of its own involving death-defying feats with Tesla Coils c/o the very talented Peter Terren of Tesla Down Under! But that's...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 12 Oct 2010 (updated 12 Oct 2010)

Dear Internet,

Wildilocks has been at the fantastic location of 808 Hay St for almost 5 years now. It's been a crazy wild ride and during that time we've had many new staff, and opened two new salons; in Melbourne and just this year, in Wellington, New Zealand. But the time has come to say goodbye to the massive basement which has been the core of Wildilocks for so many years. Our lease is coming to an end, and it's time for a change!

Wildilocks @ Base808 will be relocating to become Base108 - our new address where we will be opening in early November is 108 Barrack...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 07 Oct 2010 (updated 07 Oct 2010)

Hey folks - we've got lots of very very exciting news coming next week, but to whet your appetite for free stuff (hint hint...!) we've got a great movie ticket giveaway to the movie Buried which opens today Australia-wide. This movie got a whopping 7.1/10 on Rotten so it's definitely worth a look, wringing a seemingly impossible amount of gripping drama out of its claustrophobic premise, Buried is a nerve-wracking showcase for Ryan Reynolds' talent. We have 8 season tickets up for grabs, but please note: this...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 02 Oct 2010 (updated 02 Oct 2010)

Hey folks, we are looking 1 guy and 1 girl to model Locks Gear clothing in a studio environment on Thursday 14th October in South Melbourne.

Hair & makeup will be done by Wildilocks, and you will get to keep a complete outfit from those you model! Interested? Please email a pic of yourself and ideally link to a modelling portfolio/site if you have one, through to! Great chance for some excellent exposure, and you will get to star on the Wildilocks website!

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 06 Aug 2010 (updated 06 Aug 2010)

Yes, we need more willing victims (muahahahaaaaa) for our ebil machinations. This time it's for both Melbourne and Wellington we're calling for, details below! Services are 30% discount off standard prices, so you're getting a fantastic deal!

Melbourne needs are many:

August 12th:
1 x dread maintenance model or extension install model (10am – 12:30pm)
1 x dread maintenance model or extension install model (10am - 12:30pm)
1 haircut and blonde foils model (10am - 1:30pm+) possible Vintage stying to finish as well if time

August 19th:...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 28 Jun 2010 (updated 28 Jun 2010)

I promised a special for Perth & Melbourne in our last news post, and those of you following on Twitter may have thought our GO JULIA! 50% off RED sale was it (valid til Wednesday 30th June) ... but wait, there's MORE!

For ONE DAY ONLY, tomorrow Wildilocks is having an UNPRECEDENTED ninja-quick sale the likes of which we've NEVER had before in Melbourne OR Perth. Stocktake is rapidly approaching and we're massively overstocked...

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