Dread Extensions

Braided - In Dreadlock Extensions

Some samples of dreadlock extensions done by wildilocks are shown below with both before and after shots:

Before [from the front] ... she looks dubious!

After - 100 stunning Medium Length Dreads in 8 different slight shade variations to achieve the most believable blends
[model, Karma, has small [2"] undercut]

Before [from side]

After - from the side...

Before [from the front] ... excited!

After - even more excited! Danielle has 126 Ickle Length Dreads in various shades from platinum to black, to match natural colours in hair before adding extensions.

Before [from side]

After - from the side...


After - 70 Long Length Dreads [model, Xanthi, has undercut]
[image Nathan Baxter 2003]

After - the same dreads - 2 months later!
[image Nathan Baxter 2003]


After - Short-Medium Layered Full Head Dread Extensions

After - From behind.


After - 30 short, 50 medium Length Dreads, with most short dreads on the lower sections [model has undercut]

Model [Tash] on stage in dread extensions - Local Pricks CD Launch
Friday 28th March 2003 @ Amplifier Bar, Perth, Western Australia

Want an amazing hairstyle with relatively low maintenance, 24/7?

Semi-permanent dreadlock extensions may well be right up your alley! These type of dread extensions can be kept in for up to 2-3 months before retightening pgiving an extra 2 months of wear] or removal, and your hair is not permanently dreaded in the process, but is braided at the top of the dread & then hidden within them. When comes time to take them out, you can re-use them as extensions, or they can be used as dreadfalls - making them a whole lot better value than glued-in extensions some salons provide which need to be cut out. Great way to hide your hair if you're growing it out of a short style, or have trouble growing your hair. Hair does need to be at least 3-4 inches long though for braids to hold - be aware that on shorter hair if there is alot of wear on dreads they can become loose more easily, and certain types of hair can be slipperier than others. Please note: if you are prone to dandruff, you may find dread extensions a bit uncomfortable, and they may not be for you. On longer hair dreads can be installed, but they will have to be at least mostly the length of your hair, and takes a little longer to thread your own hair through the middle of the dreads, and therefore cost a little more.

Undercuts make a BIG difference in price & installation time - depending how much hair there actually is to put extensions on that is! Huge range of colours available and custom blended colours are a specialty. Dreads can be made to look completely real/natural - or in wild colours - even uv-reactive or photosensitive colours. It's recommended though that to aid them really blending in, even if you have mostly unrelated colours, that at least 10% of dreads match your base hair colour - as the roots grow out, it helps the change not be quite so much of a solid line.

I need to speak with you or see you first to determine colours & quantity of dreads required, and need at least a week to make the dreads, ready to be put on your head. If you are interested in having braided-in synthetic dreadlock extensions, please email us at info@wildilocks.com to discuss possibilities.

Price guide:

A whole head will be a maximum of around 120 dreads [60 sections, 2 double-ended dreads per sectioned braid.] This is considerably more than any standard dread falls, but the weight is distributedly evenly over your head. If you've never worn falls before, be warned that a full head of long dread extensions can be quite heavy, especially if they are all long. If you have very thin hair, you could get away with as little as 70 dreadlocks for a whole head, but I wouldn't recommend any less than that. If you have very thick hair, you can also have less dreads, but they will need to be single-looped dreads, and I find a mix of single looped dreads and double-ended dreads will look better than just single-ended dreads. With thinner hair, it is also possible to have more dreads, the sections are just a bit more sparse - which is not a bad thing - I'm just giving this guide for financial practicality reasons. If you want *alot* of volume you're always welcome to request more dreads, it's feasible to do up to 200 or so, but be aware this will take alot longer, and of course is proportionately more expensive and heavier, too, unless skinnier dreads are requested.

Dreadlock prices are calculated on a per dread basis as with individual falls, as detailed below. I have recently restructured my length choices and now give you the option to specify what layering choice you'd like on your dreads, this giving alot more flexibilty at the same time making prices easier to calculate, and still giving the same effect as fully layered falls wth different length dreads. To purchase DIY kits or just a few dreads, you can do so at the relevant pages in the shopping cart: pairs (aka "double-ended") dreads and singles.
Installation prices are given below also, and vary depending on type of installation, hair length, and number of sections/dreads put in.

Type Approximate length range
Price per dread
Ickle Dreads 5 - 8 inches [no layering on ickle dreads]

AUD $3.00
Medium Dreads minimal layering:
medium layering:
heavy layering:
10 - 14 inches
8 - 16 inches
5 - 19 inches

AUD $4.00
Long minimal layering:
medium layering:
heavy layering:

18 - 22 inches
12 - 28 inches
6 - 34 inches

AUD $5.00

Short Full Head Dread Extensions - maximum of 120 "ickle" length dreads

For all lengths installation is $75 per hour basic rate, and can vary from 2 - 6 hours depending on hair volume, undercut, length and type of installation method.

Bookings essential.

Medium Full Head Dread Extensions

- maximum of 120 medium length dreads

Long Full Head Dread Extensions - maximum of 120 long length dreads

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