Kitty Cozy Furry Cat Hat

Kitty Cozy Furry Cat Hat
$25.00 inc.
SKU: SKU00379

Wildilocks Kitty Cozy Furry Cat Hat are here! We've been keen on developing a supercute range of hats for a while, and opening our store in Wellington has provided just the impetus required: it's pretty cold there in winter! Choose from a variety of fur fabrics and colours, these will keep your noggin warm on winter days - or cold summer nights out on the playa, if you're going to Burning Man: or maybe even bush doofs around Oz, where the temperatures can be pretty low at 3am in the morning!

Pictured is rainbow SHAGGY! fur. Kitty Cozies are lined with polar fleece and are super stretchy, so one size generally fits all!

Gaitors are also available in the same fur fabrics, so why not get a matching set?

Price: $25.00 including GST