Asylum7 Taxidermy Corset with Genuine Taxidermied Rat

Asylum7 Taxidermy Corset with Genuine Taxidermied Rat
$495.00 inc.
SKU: SKU00277

Asylum7 have created an utterly unique, delicate and beautiful underbust corset with diagonal spring steel busk, featuring a genuine taxidermied rat, nestled gently on the front.

The materials used in ASYLUM 7 clothing are of high quality, with the items themselves constructed to withstand long-term wear.

All stainless steel eyelets and studs are reinforced with stainless steel washers to prevent damage of fabric. The corset boning used is strong fibreglass and is flexible, light, long-lasting and comfortable. Many of our customers who own steel and plastic boned corsets have noted that the fibreglass boning is almost as effective as the steel, but with better comfort. It is not as flexible and pathetic as plastic, yet light. While the fiberglass will naturally mould to your body after some wear, it will retain its strength indefinitely.

Detail of rat:

Please note that the rat must be removed from the corset for cleaning, this is easy to do and will ensure the longevity of the taxidermy.

This is a custom item and can be created in any corset size, please choose your preference from the dropdown menu. Fabrics will be similar but may not be absolutely identical to those pictured as availability can change. Please note this item will take 4-6 weeks for production - taxidermy is as much an art as corsetry!

Price: $495.00 including GST