Vintage Safety Goggles

Vintage Safety Goggles
$20.00 inc.
SKU: SKU00231

Finally we have them! Classic vintage safety goggles to complete a steampunk neovictorian, or WWII era outfit, or just if you need to protect your eyes from bright things. Lenses are two layers, clear and yellow/dark though you can see through them quite well. Can have custom industrial lenses added also, similar to other goggle styles - please note that as with other goggle styles, these lenses are for ACCESSORY USE ONLY - they are not able to be seen through, especially not in conjunction with the dark welding lens. Please also note silver colour has been discontinued due to paint quality not being similar to other colours, please email if you want silver and are okay with colour rubbing off at points of contact.

Charcoal coloured goggles pictured above

Price: $20.00 including GST