Clip-In Human Hair Fringe / Clip In Bangs

Clip-In Human Hair Fringe / Clip In Bangs
$35.92 inc.
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Clip-in fringes are human hair and weft based and come in a range of basic colours including basic colours, the option of custom Special Effects/Directions wide range of custom bright colours, and the option of synthetic accent streaks if desired, or a layer of two different special effects colours. They come in a choice of three different cut styles: widows peak [pointed in the middle] a gentle curve weighted in the centre, or straight-cut across or we can leave it uncut for you to create your own style. Please choose from the drop-down menus what kind of colour and cut you'd like, and accent streaks below if desired. Please note that if you choose a Special Effects/Directions colour combination for your fringe, the "Base Colour" will be assumed to be platinum blonde and you must choose TWO colours, the first of which will be the base, unless you instruct us differently :)

Below are some more examples:

Curved fringe, with SFX Fish Bowl base & cupcake pink accents, no chrissy bangs:

Straight fringe with SFX cupcake pink & Directions black accent overlay with Chrissy bangs

Widows peak fringe with Directions black base & solid Rubine overlay, no Chrissy bangs:

Plain blonde with Chrissy bangs:

Price: $35.92 including GST