Special Effects Hair Dye 118ml Bottle

Special Effects Hair Dye 118ml Bottle PRE-ORDER!!!
$23.95 inc.

PLEASE NOTE - IF THE COLOUR YOU WANT IS NOT CURRENTLY LISTED THIS MEANS IT IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. We will update our webstore when/if they become available again and post on Twitter etc. You can subscribe for updates to this product below if you want a direct email advice.

Wildilocks was the first and is possibly still the only online AND real-space stockist of Special Effects Intense Hair Dyes in Australia! Each bottle is 118 ml compared to Fudge's 75 ml - for only a few dollars more, with much longer lasting colour, as used throughout the USA and the world!

Full Range of Colours: [* = UV reactive/glows under blacklight] Burgundy Wine - - Fish Bowl - Cherry Bomb* - Blue Velvet - Devlish - Blue Haired Freak - Candy Apple Red - Electric Blue - Blood Red - Blue Mayhem - Hot Lava - Deep Purple - Nuclear Red* - Pimpin' Purple - Hi-Octane Orange* - Virgin Rose - Napalm Orange* - Atomic Pink* - Cupcake Pink* - Purple Smoke - Mixer/Toner - Iguana Green - Wild Flower - Sonic Green - Joyride*

Price: $23.95 including GST