The time has come for an UPGRADE! New webstore, now live! 20% off ALL items in WEBSTORE for ONE WEEK ONLY!

As some may have noticed, over the years our webstore has not really changed all that much, and slowly some things stopped working so well. We've had an upgrade plan in the pipeline for many moons now, and finally I'm pleased to announce we have finalised all the loose ends, and our NEW WEBSTORE is NOW LIVE! If you are a bit confused by the new interface: don't panic! Each page from the old webstore has a link directly to the corresponding item page in the new webstore, so if you had a bookmark for a favourite item, it's easy to just go straight to the new store. Your account and password have been transferred (encrypted) to the new webstore, but you may need to update address details when placing a new order. If you find anything not working, please let us know, we've done extensive testing but there was a lot of data to transfer and there may be some hiccups we haven't yet discovered.

This move means that we will be beginning now to add a lot more in-store items to the webstore that have not been available previously online, accounts are streamlined and the look and feel matches more with the rest of the site. We hope that the change won't be too disruptive, and as an encouragement to try out the new store, we are pleased to announce that we are having a massive 20% off ALL ITEMS in the webstore for ONE WEEK ONLY from Monday April 14th til midnight Easter Sunday. Don't miss this ONCE ONLY sale! To access the special, make sure you have already logged in, and use the discount code "LOCKS": easy! Sale goes live at midnight AEST.

Speaking of Easter, we also need to let you know that during the upcoming holiday period, as usual we will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Saturday (18 & 19 April). We will also be closed on ANZAC Day (Friday April 25th). All other normal trading days open as usual!

In clubbing news, if you're not already planning on going, it's only 2 weeks til FIEND FEST! Don't miss Covenant, Clan of Xymox, Leaether Strip, and more, touring Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth!

Also, Cabaret Nocturne is co-presenting FIEND FEST, and if you're attending, you get free entry to Cabs on the 25th - even more reason to go!

That's all for now - have a great time over the coming long weekends - look forward to seeing you instore, online - or even on the dance floor!