Newsletter for March 2011 + Massive March Markdown Summer Stock Sellout!

Hey folks, Wildilocks has a bunch of news for you this month.

Firstly, we're announcing a sale to end all sales - for the first time at ALL stores: starting TOMORROW and going for three whole weeks!

MASSIVE March Markdown Summer Stock SELLOUT!


For 3 massive weeks, Wildilocks will be progressively reducing summer clothing stock, from 25%, to 50%, to a massive 75% off!! This includes all tank tops, summer dresses, vintage swimwear, miniskirts, tshirts and more, from brands such as Phaze, Threadless, DollyQ, Random Faerie, Sylph, Spacetribe and many more! Take your chances and wait til the last week for the biggest bargains... or rush in this week to make sure the item you've had your eye on hasn't sold out!

Week 1: 25% off (8th-12th March)
Week 2: 50% off (15th-19th March)
Week 3: 75% off (22nd-26th March)

You won't see prices like this for a loooong time, if ever: and we can guarantee you some styles once sold out we will not be able to restock - so now's your chance! Please note this sale is IN STORE only, as most items are not on the webstore!

Circa Nocturna!
The alternative fashion show that we all love each year is on again Saturday March 12th! As always Wildilocks will be there to support alt fashion, and will be designing some cool hair for some of the designers on the night. DollyQ will be showing us all how it's done, and her distinct corsetry and other fab designer 'wares are available at all three Wildilocks salons as well as on our web store: You can buy tickets for Circa from Moshtix this year, head here to buy - it's only a few days away now! One or two spaces still available to get your hair done the Wildilocks way in our Melbourne salon on this date so you also look amazing, but these are almost full! Call (03) 9642 3384 if you'd like to see if we can squeeze you in.

Rouge Foncé!
Our favourite rock-cabaret band Rouge Foncé is coming in to play with Wildilocks soon for more vintage hair delight! If you caught them at Euchronia (and if you missed Euchronia BOY did you miss something grand!) then you'd understand why we love to style hair for these gals – they are hot and rock the vintage glam do's we create with an edge of punk and a huge dollop of awesome. (sigh). Check out the site, catch them at a gig and as soon as we have some new pics of vintage hair on these babes we'll be posting those all over including on...

Wildilocks is now on Tumblr! OMG how we love Tumblr. **sparkle** Check out our page as we post all the cool things that inspire us, and make us love working with hair and alternative fashion. We love any excuse to create amazing things, and we'd love to create them on YOU! We have already loaded up pics of beautiful and exciting work, and we are so ready to play. We are also VERY keen to answer your burning hair and fashion questions, so if you have a question you'd like us to answer, head over to our ask page asap!

And now that we are showing off...we have updated our website gallery with lots of new images and restored some others that we had prior to updating our gallery program (to one that is much cooler). Are you there? Wanna be? If you have had your hair done by Wildilocks and you wanna share then email your pics to and tell us about your awesome experience. Can't wait to see what you send us!

OK, got you all excited? Wanna have something fabu done with your hair and save a little cashola while you do? Then fill in our model registry for any of our three salons and tell us what you are interested in. We call models based on the requested styles, the training topics available at the time and the times that are suitable for training in each salon (these will vary). If you ever wanted to try a Vintage style, a splash of colour or some extensions then this is a great way to start your Wildilocks addiction. (mwhahaha...ohh wait...)

Chicstar and other awesomeness
Chicstar is a new label for us and our first order will be coming in the very near future, we are very excited about adding this label, they have a huge variety of very cool alternative clothing that we know you will love. We'll add them to the web store asap, but if you can't wait (we can't) then drop into our salons and check it out from early April! And while you are there check out other great items we have: awesome accessories like kitty ears, tails, UV Nail polish, pocket watches and more. We love love love labels such as DollyQ, Phaze, Nubia (new winter stock will be arriving April as well!) and our own Wildilocks label “LockGear”; boasting the world's coolest and most comfortable phat jeans (omg they're amazing, you need these to live), awesome tops, skirts and pants, all 100% unisex and all 100% Wildilocks. We also have an increasing stock of excellent ALT magazines, including Coilhouse, Fiend Magazine, Hit&Miss for rollerderby fans, and for the slightly saucy, we have Filament. If you like to shop online, we ship worldwide!

That's all for this month: we'll send some reminders of the MMMSSS sale over the next few weeks, so you don't miss out!


The Wildilocks Team