Crazy detangling - our longest yet!

This is the before, during and after of the longest hair detangling we've ever done - with an amazing story.

Our client has been in a coma for a month, and nurses had not properly brushed her hair - seeing how long it actually was is not surprising, but also not excusable. Once out of hospital our client tried everything to get the knots out and went to about a dozen hairdressers who said they couldn't detangle it, and would cut it off. She didn't want to lose her lovely hair, so she kept asking different hairdressers. Finally she found us - and about 5 hours later, she had her hair back!!

If you need dreads or mats removed, come to the people who know dreads (that would be us!) We do detangling regularly, and know how to save your hair. Doesn't matter how it got that way, we are completely non-judgemental, and no matter how bad it is we CAN save it, when no-one else can.