Ch-ch-ch-changes! Advance alert for NEW winter opening hours in effect from April

Hola Wildilocks fans and friends! Been a little while since our last update and we've had a hectic summer season in Melbourne - since the move across from the CBD to North Melbourne we've settled in very well over our first couple of years and things have been cosy and continued to grow in a stable and healthy way. We have had so many clients continue with us despite the location change, a host of new faces too, but also seen some folks return who we haven't seen since long before the move, or who like us came from Perth and knew us from our older presence there. It's been great fun and we are constantly amazed and humbled by the wonderful variety and creativity we are privileged to be able to make reality thanks to your choices and requests - we really do have the best job ever and it wouldn't be possible without you! So - thankyou so much for sharing your evolving hair journeys with us, we really love doing what we do.

Now having had two lovely years in North Melbourne under our belts, we have looked closer at our trading history since the move, and have discovered some differences between here and our former CBD location. It seems that around the time daylight savings ends, there is reduced demand at the beginning of the week and earlier in the morning, but increased demand on Saturdays and evenings, - kinda makes sense because of the change in sunlight times and as weather gets colder in generally. So in response, this year we are making a trial change to our opening hours to better serve our clients and deliver services when they are most needed!

The new Winter Hours will take effect from Sunday 5th April 2015, in line with daylight savings, and will return to Summer Hours on Sunday 4th October 2015. We'll see how this first experimental change goes and if it's successful we will continue in upcoming years, also in line with Daylight Savings.

Winter Hours to be in effect from Sunday 5th April:

Monday - by appointment only
Tuesday - by appointment only
Wednesday - 11am - 5pm
Thursday - 11am - 7pm (til 9pm by appointment)
Friday - 11am - 7pm (til 9pm by appointment)
Saturday - 10am - 5pm (til 6pm by appointment)
Sunday - by appointment only

So there you go - the main change is that we will be closed now on Tuesdays except by appointment, and we will book appointments up til 9pm regularly on Thursday and Friday (previously 8pm) and Saturday til 6pm (formerly 5pm). We hope these changes work well for everyone!

In other news, we are continuing to add new stock to the webstore and we have had some lovely new additions on the shelves over the last few months, and more coming in a few weeks! Our favourites have been the new ranges from Liquor Brand (coming soon to the webstore) and more vintage swimwear from T-Bar which have been very popular over summer.

And as a last note, I'm travelling to San Francisco in a little over a month for the wedding of a dear friend, but would like to put the call out to any Wildilocks fans in the area to drop me a line and say hi if you'd like to catch up, as I will be around for a little less than a week.

Cheers & bye for now!

Cass @ Wildilocks