I believe in ... pink!

I caught up recently with the ever-lovely and gracious Nicole Jenkins from Circa Vintage (who put on a very impressive vintage clothing parade at the Vintage Clothing Jewellery & Textiles Show in Melbourne earlier this year) and in our discussions Nicole mentioned being bored with her current hair colour, and needing a change.

It was no mean feat to coax Nicole into the CBD to Wildilocks @ The Lockworks (our Melbourne salon), but we managed it, to stunning results - Nicole has blogged the experience in delightful detail over here (and thank you so much for all the kind words, Nicole!) ... but you can take a peek at her gorgeous locks below! Love love love the pink!

For the particularly curious, Nicole's colour palette is taken from several of our semi ranges, CHI Chromashine (in-salon only) Directions and Special Effects (both available for take-home purchase). We love to custom-blend shades to specially suit the personality of each of our wonderful clients.

Nicole's new colour and a range of other new client pics are up on our customer gallery if you care to take a peek - every gallery with new items has a little "updated" note for the next few days or so to alert you, there's new hair tattoos, vintage styling, wool extensions and more.

If you'd like to submit any of your own pics for our photo gallery of your fab Wildilocks hair, please send to gallery@wildilocks.com. Each image submitted via email by clients that we use will garner a $5 gift voucher for our webstore!

Cabaret Nocturne turns 8 next Friday!!! Be in the draw to win tix, champers & more!!!

Cab Noc has been with Melbourne clubbers for a grand total of 8 years, which is something to celebrate!

It's the 8th Birthday Bash on 16 September at Platform One - full details here!

Fri Sep 16 2011 at 10:00 pm
Venue : Platform One, Vault 7 + 8, Banana Alley, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Wildilocks will be providing giveaways on the night, and are also giving away free tickets to the 8th Birthday Bash instore, as well as on Twitter: to be in the running, follow and RT our competition tweet to win! Entries close Tues 13th September.

Drop in to The Lockworks to enter the physical ticket draw, or enter on Twitter!


Lemur Attack Force? - what hell is that, you ask? Let me tell you...

LEMURS! Preparing for attack!?!

... well actually, this is about a slightly different type of Lemur.

Last Saturday, we had a bit of a special day at Wildilocks @ Cuba in Wellington.

Not really anything unusual (for us) hair wise... some stripey patterns, some crazy beard shaving... just a regular olde day... here, lookie:

All in a day's work, wot!

But....the reason for this particular couple of hairstyles, was anything but ordinary!

Aimee Whitcroft (convener of NerdNite Wellingtonand much other awesomeness) approached Wildilocks a couple of weeks back with a crazy plan.

Aimee (@teh_aimee) and her partner in crime, Dane (@dene), made the decision to enter an insane and arduous road trip for charity - the Mongol Rally.

....the what???.... you ask?

The Mongol Rally is a car rally that begins in Europe and ends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. It began in 2004 and is an annual event with entries from countries all over the world, but very few from the Southern Hemisphere.

And it's not like a standard car rally, either. The 16,000 kilometers of the rally is approximately 1/3 of the earth's surface ... and ... "The Rally's rules have traditionally stipulated that a participating car must "generally be considered to be crap."" ie - tiny, inappropriate vehicles, ideally with High Comedy Value, are required to participate. The Mongol Rally has become insanely competitive to enter, with places being filled mere seconds after registration opens each year. But the best bit, is that all competitors are raising money for charity - and in this case, half will be going to the UK and the other half to worthy NZ-based organisations, in a mightly 50/50 hemispherical split of grand generosity and derring-do.

Lemur Attack Force managed to secure a place for next years Rally, and subsequently have been working on their strategy for visibility and awesomeness in the lead up and preparation for their arduous journey in 2012.

Aimee & Dane needed something to make them stand out to promote their team's entry, right from the get-go. We wanted to express the spirit of "Lemur" (which, incidentally, means "spirit" in the Latin) as visibly as possible, and chose a palette of golds and browns: combining the best of the golden crowned lemur with the most well known ring tailed lemur, with the most delightful stripes - and where else but on our team's crowning glory - and who else but Wildilocks to do it??

Below are a sample of images of the day, but you can see the full gallery here (and over here for the Google+ crowd ;)

Colour on! And a nice hot chocolate...

Golden lemur base colour achieved!

Phase 2 almost complete...

Aimee finished!

Dane from behind...

Purdy pic provided by Aimee...

Ta da!

Aimee and Dane were great sports and very pleased with the lemur-esque results, and plan to continue to show the world their stripes as they train for the rally and raise awareness by travelling up and down New Zealand: so look out for them if you are in Wellington or anywhere in NZ, they may be passing through soon!

You can keep up to date with Lemur Attack Force by following their blog on The Adventurists' site which documents all rally teams, over >here, or follow their brand new Twitter account here. They also have a gallery of gorgeous pics, which of course they will add to over time :)

So, of course I haven't written this very detailed post just to show off their awesome Wildilocks hair - there is an ulterior motive here. As this is a charity event, we want to raise awareness for their entry as early and as effusively as possible - and that's where you dear reader, can assist. Lemur Attack Force are already accepting preliminary donations, and you can start supporting them NOW!

All teams are required to raise at least 1000 pounds for charity to be eligible to enter, so you can assist to make sure they meet this requirement by clicking the donate button below:

Every little bit helps, so even if it's just a dollar or two, it will help get them to Mongolia and also help very worthy causes (see here for more details on the charities that the Mongol Rally supports). We also would like to say that we highly approve of The Adventurists' various events and causes, and note they held a smashing Steampunk Xmas Party last year, which we wish we could have gone to!

Lemur Attack Force are seeking other corporate sponsors too, so if you think you can help, contact them asap :)

We'll post more closer to their departure, but we want to say that Wildilocks wishes Lemur Attack Force every success! (and to not meet a grisly fate in some remote Mongolian steppe at the hands of bandits, please).

"Bring a Friend for Free" returns to Wellington for August - plus Hair.... iiiiiin..... Spaaaaaace!


Wildilocks has been braving new frontiers in several directions, and have been in New Zealand now for well over a year (woohooo!). This time last year, we launched the first Wellington salon major promotion with a "Bring a Friend for Free" special which was very successful over the quieter winter months in 2010. We've decided to run a similar special for the entire month of August this year, for Wellington only - we unfortunately don't have the capacity for this special in Perth or Melbourne at the moment we're afraid, but our lovely Wellington TreatMe clients have by and large been through now, and we now have a few appointment slots opening up!

What better way to encourage our happy clients new and old, to return for s spuce up, than to bring a friend with them - for free? Please note your friend-for-free must be new to Wildilocks - so get the word out, and get yourself the equivalent of 50% off! You can book appointments immediately for any date in August, friend must be on the same day and applies to almost all hair services including cuts colours, dreadlocks, vintage styling and more!


Wildilocks colour supplier - space age technology, literally!

Wildilocks has been a stockist from day 1 of CHI ammonia free hair colour by Farouk Systems, from the USA. While these colours occasionally have their quirks, they are more environmentally friendly than standard salon colour ranges, and the best ammonia free colours available on the market today, with a complete focus and committment on products which are safer for the client and salon environment, as well as the environment. They require no ammonia to activate them in the shampoo stage (unlike a well known fairly recently lauched major brand competitor in this area *cough*) and are truly the best thing you can do for your hair.

We were surprised to only just hear about the Farouk Systems involvement with the final Space Shuttle program, which you can read all about here but a brief excerpt is below:

For the final shuttle mission, Dr. Morrison will be the Co-Investigator with Farouk Shami, founder and chairman of Farouk Systems, and their science team to design, prepare and load the Farouk Systems experiments at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). They will be the mentors for the development of the “CHI Stars” Student experiments (a co-op between Lone Star College-North Harris, CHI School of Cosmetology in Houston, TX and Farouk Systems) and will take the student to KSC for the experiment/payload operations and launch of Atlantis. After landing, they will be responsible for the unloading and post-flight analysis of the experiment samples and helping the CHI Stars Student Investigator decipher the results.

The CHI Stars experiments on STS-135 will study the efficiency of microencapsulation of three antioxidants using Dr. Morrison’s methods that have been patented by NASA and that were flown previously on the STS-107 flight and recovered from the same experiment apparatus that was found in Texas after the destruction of the Shuttle Columbia.

“This is a banner year for Farouk Systems,” says Mr. Shami. “We’re celebrating 25 years of ammonia free color, launching a new, safer smoothing treatment with CHI Enviro, we appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice and now blasting experiments in outer space. Hair is the final frontier.”

Pretty neat stuff! You will find Wildilocks one of the few companies that combines this experimental approach with day to day salon work, always looking for new and exciting things to do for and with hair!

MORE opening times changes, gosh we are just TOO busy!

Hello Wildilocks fans,

Just a small heads-up that after trialing later opening hours at our Wellington store for winter, we've decided that we'd like to add those hours to our Perth store! That means that we have the following hours for both Perth and Wellington currently:

Tuesday - 11am - 5pm *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 05/07/2011
Wednesday - 11am - 5pm *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 05/07/2011
Thursday - 11am - 7pm *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 05/07/2011

Melbourne Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and Textiles Show - this weekend!

Wildilocks is just brimming over with busy-ness of late, with all salons heavily booked and with a whole lot of new faces lately, and we expect many more in the upcoming months. Welcome! We've had lots of new stock and increasing amounts of vintage focused clients, which leads me to today's post.

Melbourne has it's very own Vintage Fair happening this weekend! Organised by Sydney Vintage Clothing fair's Janel Morrissey, 50 exhibitors from all over Australia will be gathering at the Exhibition Hall at the Melbourne Showgrounds from 5.30 tonight and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Janel’s Sydney fair is reputed to be the best in Oz – a true vintage event with people dressing up, dancing, hair and make up tutorials, talks and presentations and fashion parades. At 12.30pm on Saturday, Nicole Jenkins, proprietor of Circa Vintage Clothing in Fitzroy Melbourne and author of Love Vintage will present a parade of vintage fashions from the 1920s to 1970s featuring swimwear, day wear, evening wear and ballgowns. Cass Edwards, owner of Wildilocks, will be on hand to assist with hair wrangling too. An event not to be missed!

See the event website for more information - and the basic details are below. Hope to see you there!

What: Melbourne Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and Textiles Show
When: 5.30-9pm Friday May 27th, 9.30am-5.30pm Saturday May 28th, 10am-4pm Sunday May29th
Where: Exhibition Hall, Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale.
Cost: Adults $14, Pensioner $10, Children 10-16yrs $5, Under 10yrs free, Family $30

Daily Deals time again!! Melbourne - you're up!

Hey folks,

We have put up our first daily deal for Melbourne! We had SUCH an overwhelming response to our Perth deal which sold out 1000 deals in less than 5 hours! that we've had to put a few restrictions on this one and have not put it up as a main deal so we don't have such a crazy response; no Saturday or late night appointments, and the limit is much lower as we have less capacity in our Melbourne salon as we are already very booked up and have slightly lower staff levels than normal at the moment. But Melbourne has been asking, so we will deliver!

Easter Holidays & new opening hours in Perth and Wellington from THIS week!

Wow, Wellington has been going crazy!!! We are booked out for almost a month in advance for ALL days, so please be patient in booking - remember vouchers are valid for 6 months. Keep an eye out in Perth and Melbourne for deals coming soon - to Perth first, as Perth has been the most vocal on Twitter! Follow @wildilocks on Twitter to get all the news first, and most often! But on to more pressing news:

EASTER HOLIDAY HOURS: Please note we will be closed for Easter Friday AND Easter Saturday this year, and reopening on Tuesday 26th April as usual.

NEW REGULAR OPENING HOURS: Also, as we are coming to the change in seasons, we have decided to change our opening hours at two of our salons. Perth will be moving to identical opening hours as our Melbourne salon, and Wellington will be opening one hour later on Tues-Fri, as we have been receiving many more after-hours requests here than our Aussie salons. For your information our new regular opening hours are below, as well as on our main page on wildilocks.com, as always.

Wildilocks @ BASE108

108 Barrack St [between Murray St & Wellington St - almost on the corner of Murray: you can see us from the end of the Murray St Mall, and we are almost across from Off ya Tree]
Perth 6000 Western Australia

+61 [08] 9221 6864

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - 10am - 5pm
Wednesday - 10am - 5pm
Thursday - 10am - 7pm *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 07/04/2011
Friday - 10am - 7pm *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 08/04/2011
Saturday - 10am - 5pm

Wildilocks @ The LockWorks

Level 1, 382 Little Collins St
[between Elizabeth & Queen Sts, entrance on McKillop St, opposite The Haunted Bookshop]
Melbourne 3000 Victoria, Australia

+61 [03] 9642 3384

Opening Hours:

Tuesday - 10am - 5pm
Wednesday - 10am - 5pm
Thursday - 10am - 7pm
Friday - 10am - 7pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm

Wildilocks @ Cuba

225 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand
(just up from Vivian St, next to Cafe Italiano and opening partly into the foyer of the Quality Comfort Hotel).

+64 [04] 803 3239

Opening Hours: *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 05/04/2011 for Tues-Fri:

Tuesday - 11am - 6pm
Wednesday - 11am - 6pm
Thursday - 11am - 8pm (by appointment)
Friday - 11am - 8pm (by appointment)
Saturday - 10am - 5pm

One day deal for NZ's newest deal site, TreatMe: $39 cut & blowdry!

TreatMe has snaffled up Wildilocks in quite a coup for us - the first hair salon in New Zealand to be featured on the site! Having said that it's a quieter Sunday slot (and not for the whole weekend as some sites do - launching midnight Saturday night has got to be the toughest slot possible) - we've not had a Sunday slot before, with previous deals being weekdays and meeting minimum sales within minutes - but it seems everyone's asleep or still out partying! Never mind, there's a whole day to snap up an awesome deal with a Cut, Treatment, Massage & Blowdry for a mere
$39! Head over to TreatMe to grab it - but remember, it's only for Wellington, and only til midnight!

Week 2 of Massive March Markdown Summer Stock Sellout! 50% off!

Hey ladies and gents,

We're upping the ante, and we now have a magnificent 50% discount on our summer stock clearance this week! If you saw something last week that caught your eye, but you couldn't quite afford, or haven't yet been in but want to beat the last minute rush - now's the time to have a look at our still healthily laden sale rack! We have mini skirts, tops, dresses, ALL tshirts - huge range of summery stuff walking out the door at 50% off this week.

Also, a small note to let you know our Melbourne store is closed today in lieu of yesterday's Labour Day holiday, so you will have to wait til Wednesday to dive in! Apologies if that inconveniences anyone!