Promotion Winners

Wow: over a month since the last News update... things have been busy!

The Melbourne trip was very busy indeed, did quite a bit of work over there! Also was asked to go on a radio show, which was a bunch of fun, as it has been years since I've been in a radio studio. And of course visited quite a few clubs and such. All in the name of promotion, of course!

Since returning I've added a bunch more colours for the new kitty ears — leopard print fur is now available, as of yesterday!

Okay, and of course the news you've all been waiting for who won the Opening Promotions?

Promo draw

Promotion Draws - 4th July, 2003.

The pair of custom loose yaki-base falls has been won by Jesika D. of Morrisville, North Carolina, USA.

The pair of fully-tapered custom deluxe dread falls has been won by Andrea K. of Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Thanks to everyone who entered! It seems very appropriate somehow that both winners were from the USA, with the draw being on the 4th of July and all...

Upcoming events:

Wildilocks is providing vouchers for giveaway prizes at Legacy all ages event next weekend — if you're in Perth, be there and you might get lucky!

Also, Wildilocks is providing hair for the upcoming Outbreed II fashion show in two weeks. The theme is "looking to the future" — so expect to see a lot of plastic and foam for a very cyber feel to this show's hair. Once that show is done, I will do my best to get the plastic pages on the site up & running as there will be a lot more to show!


Only 2 days til I'm off to Melbourne, can't wait — and I have been busy getting ready — I have some site updates to tell you all about!

I've installed a fabulous new gallery program for the customer gallery - you can now see higher resolution copies of a lot of the images if you want to see each little detail — and you can add comments too! Check out the new gallery here — there are quite a few new pictures of clients, too, and I've placed the fashion parade albums in there too for ease of viewing.

Kitty Ears

Also Wildilocks has a brand new product: clip-in kitty ears! These are too gorgeous for words.

A final note to anyone who's been considering putting in an order in the near future — if you do so in the next 36 hours, I'll be able to ship your order [in-stock items/accessories] before heading interstate — and orders for dreadlocks will be begun faster if ordered before I leave. I'm anticipating something of a rush at the end of the month, too because of the promotions I'm running — so if you don't want to wait, now is the time to act!

Official Site Launch

Wow! Its mid-May, and finally the site is complete enough for me to launch it officially. Obviously it's been unofficially up for a while now — but I've done major updates & shopping cart additions to nearly everything now!

There are a couple of sections, namely braids and hair wraps, still to be completed, and I haven't even added plastic yet to the menu - but the most important stuff is all up now, shopping cart, loads of accessories - and we have Goth Nation magazine in stock, too!

To celebrate the official launch, I'm running a couple of promotions. You can win a set of yaki base falls just by subscribing to the newly created mailing list, or win a deluxe set of dread falls by making any purchase over $USD20 — both before the 30th June 2003.

Wildilocks is touring over East again at the beginning of June - see the tour page for details, especially if you're in Melbourne and would like some extensions!


Also we have images now available from the most recent fashion show. It went smoothly as I've ever seen a fashion show run, the models were incredibly professional, and the attendees were most appreciative of the show.

Wildilocks will be doing hair for the next Outbreed, and possibly another event coming up soon, details yet to be confirmed, but it's looking good...

Fairbridge Festival

Fairbridge Festival went fabulously: completely booked out even with half a day of rain on the Saturday. Maybe some of you peering in here grabbed a card or flyer while there! If so, welcome!

Not so great news is that because of very full schedule since coming back combined with lingering cough/general unwellness resulting from exposure and far too much hard work and long hours on the weekend, the site updates aren't quite done yet, as I had hoped for the end of April. Thus the "official" online launch will still be a few weeks away probably, as I have very little spare time in the very near future, what with the fashion parade this Saturday and many many dreads to complete!

A small note...

A small note to all to let you know I'll be unable to answer any email for the next 4 days due to running a stall at the Fairbridge Festival this weekend. Apologies in advance for resultant slow responses to queries during this time. This also means I'm not at the shop for this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday either, but any urgent enquiries can be posed to me via mobile.

Also quite a few more pages have had prices in $AUD added, loose falls and pony cuffs have quite a bit more information too. $USD Shopping Cart still in the works for most pages, but so close now to completion! currency converter has been added too for convenience.

Update No.2: Exciting news just keeps coming...

Wildilocks has been asked to contribute to another fashion parade extravaganza — this time with Subversion, for an annual fundraiser for Royal Perth Hospital [aka the Hooker's and Stripper's Ball, I believe — but it's all doctors and nurses in disguise!]— I will be working with some of the same wonderful models and some I haven't so far — and I have seen some things online from catwalk shows I want to experiment with, so if I get the go-ahead from Cat, look out for some really interesting experimentation in the hair department as well as classic dread and pony falls for the discerning fetish fashion diva...

Outbreed have their website online now! Check it out.

Updates since first upload include how-to's/care pages for falls, extensions and hair wraps, loose extensions detailed information — and of course this wee update.

First update!

Well, having opened in Subiaco in December 2002, alot has happened and Wildilocks has done some amazing things in such a short period of time! Starting trading as Wildwardrobe, Wildilocks has changed names with the launching of online ordering and an international advertising campaign. Some highlights to date are listed below, with more documentation to follow in future updates:


29/03/03 - Outbreed
Wildilocks was asked to participate providing hairstyles and falls for models for an alternative fashion show for this Japanese vs Industrial event. Some early photos are available here — more will be available soon with I hope some more clear shots of the catwalk!

Local Pricks

28/03/03 - Local Pricks CD Launch
Wildilocks on the very same day of the launch, put a great set of dread extensions in for Tash, the lead singer & guitar player for this local Perth punk band. You can see a good collection of photos from the gig here — she's got an amazing stage presence, and the dreads just looked great!

[image from ABC website]

05/02/03 - New Dimensions, an Australian television show produced by the ABC, screened nationally with a feature about Goths - and Jenette Stevenson of Exotic Body Piercing was extensively interviewed — wearing some of Wildilocks' earliest dread falls! Read the entire transcript here.