Posted by Cass Edwards on 07 Mar 2011 (updated 07 Mar 2011)

Hey folks, Wildilocks has a bunch of news for you this month.

Firstly, we're announcing a sale to end all sales - for the first time at ALL stores: starting TOMORROW and going for three whole weeks!

MASSIVE March Markdown Summer Stock SELLOUT!


For 3 massive weeks, Wildilocks will be progressively reducing summer clothing stock, from 25%, to 50%, to a massive 75% off!! This includes all tank tops, summer dresses, vintage swimwear, miniskirts, tshirts and...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 01 Mar 2011 (updated 01 Mar 2011)

All the donations that have been pouring from all over the world to Christchurch have been truly amazing: there has been over $10 million dollars donated to the Red Cross, as well as countless other drives.

Our NZ branch has been trying to think of a way we can help that is more personal, as we're up in Wellington where life has been going on pretty much as usual. So, if you've arrived in Welly some time in the last week as a refugee from Christchurch, we'd like to help you get a little bit of normal back in your lives...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 24 Feb 2011 (updated 24 Feb 2011)

Wildilocks' presence in New Zealand is approaching a year now, and it's been a crazy busy one with moving our Perth salon in October/November and then running Euchronia in December last year in Melbourne, too! 2011 got off to a crazy start for Australia, with floods, cyclones and the ever-present bushfires, it's been a hard slog for many in Oz over the past couple of months, let alone the rest of the world. New Zealand had been relatively unscathed in comparison: until two days ago. I just want to reassure those of you who may not know New...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 30 Sep 2003 (updated 17 Jan 2011)

Barely scraping in with a monthly update for September, some great news and updates to let you all know about.

Haughty Couture Fashion Parade

30th August 2003 — Sin Nightclub saw some amazing fashion at this event, which you can see a whole host images of in the gallery here. Sin was packed to the gills and there was some media attention as well, though I...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 15 May 2003 (updated 17 Jan 2011)

Wow! Its mid-May, and finally the site is complete enough for me to launch it officially. Obviously it's been unofficially up for a while now — but I've done major updates & shopping cart additions to nearly everything now!

There are a couple of sections, namely braids and hair wraps, still to be completed, and I haven't even added plastic yet to the menu - but the most important stuff is all up now, shopping cart, loads of accessories - and we have Goth Nation magazine in stock, too!

To celebrate the official launch, I'm running a couple of promotions. You...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 29 May 2003 (updated 17 Jan 2011)

Only 2 days til I'm off to Melbourne, can't wait — and I have been busy getting ready — I have some site updates to tell you all about!

I've installed a fabulous new gallery program for the customer gallery - you can now see higher resolution copies of a lot of the images if you want to see each little detail — and you can add comments too! Check out the new gallery here — there are quite a few new pictures of clients, too, and I've placed the fashion parade albums in there too for ease of...

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