Posted by Cass Edwards on 25 Oct 2011 (updated 25 Oct 2011)

Hey everyone! It's now less than a week til that favourite time of the alternative calendar year: Samhain! Or as tis more commonly celebrated in the Americas: Halloween.

So far Wildilocks has resisted the call to go all out for this particular holiday, though we have occasionally sported a giant arachnid for fun, or dressed up as zombies, but this year, we couldn't help ourselves!

We are for...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 05 Oct 2011 (updated 05 Oct 2011)

I caught up recently with the ever-lovely and gracious Nicole Jenkins from Circa Vintage (who put on a very impressive vintage clothing parade at the Vintage Clothing Jewellery & Textiles Show in Melbourne earlier this year) and in our discussions Nicole mentioned being bored with her current hair colour, and needing a change.

It was no mean feat to coax Nicole into the CBD to Wildilocks @ The Lockworks (our Melbourne...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 09 Sep 2011 (updated 09 Sep 2011)

Cab Noc has been with Melbourne clubbers for a grand total of 8 years, which is something to celebrate!

It's the 8th Birthday Bash on 16 September at Platform One - full details here!

Fri Sep 16 2011 at 10:00 pm
Venue : Platform One, Vault 7 + 8, Banana Alley, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Wildilocks will be providing giveaways on the night, and are also giving away free tickets to the 8th Birthday Bash instore, as well as on...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 23 Aug 2011 (updated 23 Aug 2011)

LEMURS! Preparing for attack!?!

... well actually, this is about a slightly different type of Lemur.

Last Saturday, we had a bit of a special day at Wildilocks @ Cuba in Wellington.

Not really anything unusual (for us) hair wise... some stripey patterns, some crazy beard shaving... just a regular olde day... here, lookie:

All in a day's work, wot!

But....the reason for this particular...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 05 Jul 2011 (updated 29 Jul 2011)

Hello Wildilocks fans,

Just a small heads-up that after trialing later opening hours at our Wellington store for winter, we've decided that we'd like to add those hours to our Perth store! That means that we have the following hours for both Perth and Wellington currently:

Tuesday - 11am - 5pm *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 05/07/2011
Wednesday - 11am - 5pm *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 05/07/2011
Thursday - 11am - 7pm *NOTE NEW HOURS as of 05/07/2011...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 26 Jul 2011 (updated 29 Jul 2011)


Wildilocks has been braving new frontiers in several directions, and have been in New Zealand now for well over a year (woohooo!). This time last year, we launched the first Wellington salon major promotion with a "Bring a Friend for Free" special which was very successful over the quieter winter months in 2010. We've decided to run a similar special for the entire month of August this year, for Wellington only - we...

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