Posted by Cass Edwards on 20 Aug 2012 (updated 20 Aug 2012)

You may recall we announced a short while back that Wildilocks Melbourne would be MOVING in September! - and the good news for everyone is this means - SALE TIME!! We have masses of stock we'd really not rather have to truck over to our new North Melbourne location - which means we are going to be, literally, GIVING IT AWAY!

That's right, you know what that means - it's BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE time - for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! And not just Melbourne but Perth as well is getting into the action, to help us pay for the move. Get into it from 11am tomorrow!


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Posted by Cass Edwards on 20 Jun 2012 (updated 20 Jun 2012)

Been a little while since we've had an update here (or on Twitter - meep!) - this is because there have been a lot of changes for Wildilocks in the wings, and we are finally able to officially announce two pretty big pieces of news.

Firstly, it is with regret that I must announce that Wildilocks has made the decision to sell our Wellington salon, and while the new owner will be continuing with Farouk Systems CHI range of ammonia free colour & styling products, as well as continuing to supply Directions and Special Effects in store, they will be adding beauty services and...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 26 Mar 2012 (updated 26 Mar 2012)

Hi there dames & dudes! It's been almost 6 months since our last sale, and so you are probably coming to expect one roughly at these kinds of intervals, amirite?

Well, I'm pleased to say those of you answering in the affirmative will not be disappointed this week! We've had a massive amount of stock arrive last week and our clothing racks are groaning and stuffed to the gills! "We've got no rooooom!" our staff are crying - so what to do?! We're making room by giving away 1 free item...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 20 Feb 2012 (updated 20 Feb 2012)

Hey Melbourne! We're looking to do some training this week with some new products and new staff members - and we need models!

CHI Enviro

As you know being environmentally aware is very important for us at Wildilocks and we aim to stock the most environmentally friendly products we can find of salon quality.

Most exciting is a new product we sent staff for training in Perth late last year & just started trialling before Xmas in our Wellington salon,...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 13 Dec 2011 (updated 13 Dec 2011)

That's right folks! For the first time ever, Wildilocks is having extra Xmas opening hours, and all 3 Wildilocks salons are open from today Tuesday 13th ALL THE WAY til XMAS EVE!!!

Sunday 18th hours may vary slightly between salons but will be definitely open between 12-6pm, and Monday 19th we will have same hours as Tues-Wed for the respective salon. All extra days we are open as usual with hair appointments available, as well as our full retail ranges of salon products, clothing, boots & accessories!

We've got a TON of brand new summer clothing &...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 27 Oct 2011 (updated 27 Oct 2011)

Wow - our staff have gone ALL out to create a wonderful Haunted House at our Wildilocks salons, especially Melbourne where our Halloween sale continues for THREE MORE DAYS! But don't forget Perth - LAST DAY of the sale today as we are closed for the CHOGM weekend! Also please note Melbourne is closed for Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday Nov 1st :)

If you miss the physical shop sales, remember our webstore sale is on right through til 31st October and is valid for orders INCLUDING New...

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