Posted by Cass Edwards on 07 May 2015 (updated 07 May 2015)

So our trials have gone fantastically, thankyou models who put your hands up to be guinea pigs!!

We've been blown away by how hair looks and feels after the *Plex treatment. It really does seem to be everything we've been told, which is awesome for us, and for your hair.

Here's probably the best visual example we've done so far - the hair actually looks LONGER and THICKER, and feels amazing:

Because we're so happy with the product, we're happy to announce we are going to roll...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 29 Apr 2015 (updated 29 Apr 2015)

Hello lovelies,

If you're very up on the latest developments in the hair & beauty industry, you might have heard of a new product by the name of Olaplex - or one of the growing number of competing *Plex products with similar names and similar effects. These new type of hair fortifying products which create bonds in coloured hair which strengthen where damage usually occurs, to the point that these products are being hailed as a complete revolution in hair colour - and are especially useful for the kinds of intense crazy colours that Wildilocks is known for. Imagine -...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 31 Mar 2015 (updated 31 Mar 2015)

Hey folks!

Just a short note that we will be closing over Easter as usual, we are closed both Good Friday and Easter Saturday. Then we will be beginning our new Winter Trading Hours as posted recently, when Daylight Savings finishes. This means we are CLOSED on Tuesdays from April - September but with extended trading hours on other days. Make sure you get in by Thursday for any Easter Weekend hair or clothing needs!

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 09 Mar 2015 (updated 09 Mar 2015)

Hola Wildilocks fans and friends! Been a little while since our last update and we've had a hectic summer season in Melbourne - since the move across from the CBD to North Melbourne we've settled in very well over our first couple of years and things have been cosy and continued to grow in a stable and healthy way. We have had so many clients continue with us despite the location change, a host of new faces too, but also seen some folks return who we haven't seen since long before the move, or who like us came from Perth and knew us from our older presence there. It's been great...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 28 Oct 2014 (updated 28 Oct 2014)

Hey folks! It's Halloween, huzzah!

We are again celebrating the most spooky time of the year with a WEEK LONG HALLOWEEN SALE! That's right, from 28th October - 1st November we are offering 20% off ALL clothing & accessories: that includes all pants, tops, jackets, corsets, skirts, hair falls, hats, New Rock Boots, jewellery, contacts, anything in our cabinets excluding hair care/dye!

We have extra special treats for customers in store too, so don't miss it =)

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 13 Apr 2014 (updated 13 Apr 2014)

As some may have noticed, over the years our webstore has not really changed all that much, and slowly some things stopped working so well. We've had an upgrade plan in the pipeline for many moons now, and finally I'm pleased to announce we have finalised all the loose ends, and our NEW WEBSTORE is NOW LIVE! If you are a bit confused by the new interface: don't panic! Each page from the old webstore has a link directly to the corresponding item page in the new webstore, so if you had a bookmark for a favourite item, it's easy to just go straight to the new store. Your account and...

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